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A blog I finally wrote  on 7-3-13

What "They"  Say :

I wish I enjoyed writing.  I love to read, but when it comes to sitting down and writing down my thoughts, I put it off.  Indefinitely.   I know intellectually that it would be a great process. Keeping a journal, writing down what I appreciate, and now blogging, is added to the list of things I "should" be doing.  Everywhere you turn these activities are all advised and I really do believe they are very worthwhile.  Still I resist, a whole lot.  I can count on one hand how many times I have started a journal, (still have all the pitiful beginnings) only to have the practice  lapse after only a few weeks or even days. This tells me I really don't enjoy the process.  People do not do what they don't enjoy doing for long unless they have to.  Maybe it has to do with my educational experience.  I had to write quite a bit in college, I was an English Literature major after all. yet now I am free of the necessity, and so, perhaps, I don't write.

Fortunately, many people do write. A lot! I have been listening to the Hay House World Summit for the last few weeks.  Here are 100 of the brightest authors, the most prolific mentors, the well known authorities on just about all the areas of knowledge that interest me, all coming together to present their views of the physical, mental, and spiritual world.  Wow!  I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided that I would at least get down a few words about what I am experiencing so I can share the excitement a bit.

Here are the main themes I am hearing over and over, they are presented in various ways, but they basically boil down to these few things:

Be kind to yourself and others.  Human nature is intrinsically cooperative and thrives on mutual aid, not the survival of the strongest as we have been taught.  Tell yourself you are perfect, because you are!

Meditate.  Anyway to meditate that works for you is good, just give yourself the chance to get away from your thoughts, relax, and connect with your higher self (everyone has one!).

Be appreciative.  Be happy with what you have, be generous, even if you don't have much, and you will be given what you need.  Appreciate the small stuff.

Forgive.  Give up those old hurts and resentments, they are only hurting you, not the one you are upset with, and that is keeping you from being as happy as you can be.

Eat whole, natural, organic foods. Your diet really does set you up for either health or disease.

Exercise. Do something active you love doing; dance, walk in the park, swim, do Laughter Yoga!

Be of service. Wake up everyday and ask yourself how you can contribute positively to the world today.

My wish: I hope we can all remember that deep inside we are all the same, recognize yourself in every living thing, then just be kind to yourself!

Happy Days!



I keep hearing the same messages wherever I go lately.  I wonder if maybe I should stop and listen.  It has always been an intention to write all these profound truths that I hear down, but it never seems to actually happen in any organized way.  Perhaps another aspect of my personality, procrastination, is to blame?  Or maybe I just really hate to write things down!  But now I feel compelled to list these few basic truths that I keep getting hit over the head with, and then some of the ways I might be able to improve by implementing them in real life.

Goal                                                             What I can do

I.  Laugh loud and often!         Laughter Yoga, laugh with granddaughter & friends. Find the humor in bad situations. Laugh at death!

2.  Be present.                                 Live in the moment, put the cell phone down and talk to people. Network. Get out and live life to the plus!

3.  Be appreciative.                          Look for the silver lining and be grateful for the little things.

4.  Write down my dreams & goals      Make a dreamboard and write down specific goals with deadlines.

5.  Spend time with positive people.         Realize you can choose postive friends and avoid negative ones.

6. Come from a genuine place of caring and sharing. Be passionate about what I do, and do it with purpose.

7.Set Rhythms.                                     Find what works and be consistent.


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